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Kacer’s Call - November 2, 2010 General Election

 General Guidelines - How I approach Propositions (Do’s & Don’ts):

  • Do: First read the Summary, Analysis, Actual Text, then the Arguments for and against
  • Do: Ask yourself if this is a proper role of government
  • Do: Ask yourself if this is the right thing to do, who it benefits, and the consequences
  • Do: Determine what principles apply (Biblical, conservative, practical)
  • Do: Apply common sense; come to tentative conclusion – find position of those I trust
  • Don’t: Rely upon organizations by name only (many sound good but are deceptive)
  • Don’t: Wait until the last day to do your research (spread it out over time)
  • Don’t: Support government going into future debt (some rare exceptions)
  • Don’t: Allow rare circumstances to overly influence you (“rare cases make bad law”)
  • Don’t: Support anything that’s too complex to completely understand (obfuscation)
Note: “(C)” following Proposition Number indicates a State Constitution change; (S) a Statute change

Prop 19 (S): Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 Oppose (No)

Concerns: Makes tax revenue more important than what’s morally right. Opens opportunity to further
                Weaken drug control in future. No other state allows this. Can’t control “personal consumption”
                amounts from being sold to minors. Prevalence of activity doesn’t make it right. Gateway drug
                issues are real, as is expected increase in substance abuse and medical services. Work place
                drug free testing is at risk, as are federal contracts. Higher concentrations per oz. not limited.
Consider: Adult acts impact children’s decisions (Prov 22:6). Government shouldn’t legitimize casual use
                of mind damaging drugs (Rom 13:4a). No “impaired” work/driving performance standards.
                Zoning laws could impact church properties public access and rental property usage (Acts 5:29)

Prop 20 (C): Voters FIRST Act for Congress Uncertain (Leaning Towards Oppose (No))

Concerns: Citizens Redistricting Commission (Prop 11 of ’08; Assembly, Senate, BOE) not tried yet;
                 unintended consequences not known. Does allow minor party representation. Urban/rural, etc.,
                 criteria allows political maneuvering. Proof of unbiased decisions impractical. Overturning result
                 by referendum possible but impractical.  Adding Congressional seats desirable but premature.
Consider:  Any redistricting or commission selection can & will be gamed (Jer 17:9). Voters ultimately
                 choose their leaders (Deut 1:13) & hold them accountable. Test CRC value first (Eccl 7:27).

Prop 21 (S): State Parks & Wildlife Conservation Trust Fund Act  – Oppose (No)

Concerns: Replaces existing Park budgeting approach. Tax is inequitable: targets selected state-wide
                 vehicles not Park users. Some funds for “underserved urban community” recreational facilities &  
                 “equitable access”. Tax exceeding Legislature determined adequacy level will be used elsewhere.
                 Other usage fees can be raised independently. Does not address State budgeting priorities. 
Consider:  Pay as-you-go entrance fees most equitable (Prop targets wrong group). Any excess tax
     intended for other use instead of forcing State fiscal restraint/prioritization (1 Tim 6:10a)

Prop 22 (C): Local Taxpayer, Public Safety, and Transportation Protection Act of 2010  Support (Yes)

Concerns: Property taxes: Intended for local use. Now State can redistribute to schools or during fiscal 
                 hardship borrow for 3 yrs. Prop prevents State from shifting (for schools) or borrowing (3 yrs) to
                 balance State budget. Fuel taxes: Will require 2/3 legislature vote to change current 2/3:1/3 
                 state/local tax split. Prevents State use for: bond debt-service costs; borrowing (3 yrs); or cash 
                 flow problems. Redevelopment usage may be problematic, but is unchanged. VLF tax: Most for 
                 local use. Prop prevents State use to offset new or improved service program State mandates. 
Consider:  If authority is fiscally negligent, don’t provide tax use flexibility (Rom 13:7). True rainy day fund 
                 is needed (Prov 6:6-11; 21:20; 1 Cor 16:2). Bonds are presumption on future and limit use for 
                 intended purposes (James 4:13-14))

Prop 23: (S) California Jobs Initiative (Suspends AB 32 Air Pollution Control Law) Support (Yes)

Concerns: Measure halts ½ of Green-House-Gas regulation creation. AB 32 based on unproven climate
     assumptions to justify new taxes & redirect private industry (Prov 14:8). Punishes creative
     industry/energy competition instead of using tax breaks incentives. Prop temporarily halts open
     ended expansion of massive government regulation. Only effective til 4 gtrs 5.5% unemployment.
Consider:  We have stewardship duties (Gen 1:28), but much study is needed (1 Kings 4:29-34; Eccl 7:27;
                 Prov 18:17). Massive tax burdens on everyone for unproven good is foolish (Rom 3:8)   CA
                 already has nation’s strongest regulations and we can choose green energy now.

Prop 24 (S): Repeal Corporate Tax Loopholes Act – Oppose (No)

Concerns: Businesses made decisions based on enactment of tax reforms by ‘11 (NOL carryback; multi-
                 state tax formula; tax credit sharing). Prop removes pro-business tax reform that helps both
                 small and large volatile businesses. Prop would retain current tax levels – continuing adverse
                 impact on business/jobs.
Consider:  Removes business incentives to stay in or move to CA. Presumes no change in industry base
                 (James 4:13-14). Maintains high tax rates without corresponding reduction in State spending (1
                 Tim 6:10a). Deceptively claims schools & public safety at risk (State budget priority only).

Prop 25: (C) On-Time Budget Act of 2010 Oppose (No)

Concerns: Majority party fiscally irresponsible in controlling spending or balancing budget. Fees (taxes)
                 not addressed (major loophole). Tax revenue changes not explicitly defined for 2/3 vote.
                 Punishment for poor legislator performance is elections, not salary and expense accounts.
Consider:  Deceptive claim 2/3rd vote hurts schools/services (State budgeting priority)(Prov 14:8). Unfairly
                 punishes those with fiscal restraint (1 Tim 5:18b). Easier vote breeds less responsibility or need
                 for compromise (1 Tim 6:10). Those using fiscal discipline are due double honor (1 Tim 5:17a).

Prop 26: (C) Two-thirds Vote Requirement  for State and Local Fees Support (Yes)

Concerns: Revenue-neutral tax increases now allowed by majority vote, result: higher tax rates on higher
                 incomes (redistribution) - Prop eliminates this.  Current law (majority vote) portrayed as
                 pollution protector, yet all criminal laws & penalties remain intact independent of this measure.
Consider:  Deceptive to use “fee” not “tax” (Prov 14:8; 26:26). If government giving direct benefit, fees are
                 proper (Mk 12:13-17). Partiality is generally wrong (Lev 19:15; Prov 28:21a)

Prop 27: (C & S) Financial Accountability in Redistricting Act Oppose (No)

Concerns:  Virtually impossible to guarantee +/- one person difference in like districts. Citizens
                  Redistricting Commission (Prop 11 of ’08) unproven – unknown benefit, consequences TBD. 
Consider:   Any redistricting effort can be gamed (Jer 17:9). People must ultimately choose their leaders
                  (Deut 1:13) and hold them accountable. Test Prop 11 value first (Eccl 7:27) then evaluate
                  effectiveness. Current approach by legislators known to be compromised

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

C3 Report: Volume 3 Issue X (October 2010)


  • October C3 Lunch Meetings!
  • Activities or Actions Worth Pursuing (Selected)
  • Election Related Information
  • Kacer’s Call on the November Statewide Propositions
  • “Wrongful National Death” Good News Etc. Article for October
  • “The Ground Zero Mosque and Our Witness” Guest Commentary for October
  • Minute Ministry Tip #7 Get-Out-The-Vote
  • General Interest: Book Reading list for October
  • Information – Assistance Offer
  • Contact information

A warm welcome to new subscribers to the C3 Report: David, Martha, Scott, Mike, Thomas, Mack, Pat, Tamara and Kim.

October C3 Lunch Meetings!

  • 26th of October (Tuesday) - Escondido: Marie Callenders; 615  West 13th Avenue - Lunch from 11:30 to 1:00 (Library Room)

  • Tentative: 28th of October (Thursday) - San Diego: Marie Callenders; 6950 Alvarado Road - Lunch from 11:30 to 1:00 (Library Room).  There is a possible schedule conflict – more to follow

Activities or Actions Worth Pursuing (Selected)

  • 23 October: Western Center for Law and Policy Banquet (with David Barton!) “An Evening in Florence”.  I encourage all of you to attend this wonderful opportunity to: hear about WCLP’s service to us; listen to David Barton (Wallbuilders); and participate in supporting WCLP’s work to protect our faith, family and freedom rights.  Cost is $75 per person, or sponsor a table for 10 for $650. Reservations will close soon. 

Election Related Information:

·         California State Information Sites:
o   Official California Secretary of State Election & Voter Information
o   State Voter Information Guide
·         Nonpartisan websites (biographies, voting records, endorsements, issue positions; etc.):
o   Project Vote Smart
o   Easy Voter
o   Family Voter Information Guide
·         Sites with differing viewpoints & personal opinions:
·         To verify you’re currently registered to vote go to: Re-register if:
o   You’ve moved since you last voted
o   You’ve changed your name
o   You’ve changed your political affiliation
·         For voter registration forms, voter pamphlets, and access to voter registration information go to:
o   San Diego County Registrar of Voters 5201 Ruffin Road #1; San Diego CA 92123  (858) 565-5800
·         2010 Gubernatorial Election Voter deadlines
o   18 Oct: Last day to register to vote on 02 Nov
o   26 Oct: Last day to request for an absentee ballot
o   28 Oct: Last day to mail a ballot
o   02 Nov: Election day
·         Guidelines for what your church can do at election time:
o   Western Center for Law and Policy (WCLP)
o   Liberty Council

Kacer’s Call on the November Statewide Propositions.

For more detailed analysis and justification, please go to the C3 web site at:   Be apprised that on Proposition 20 I differ from most conservatives in that I would prefer to see whether the new Citizens Redistricting Commission is workable or not first, before adding congressional districts to the mix.

  • Prop 19: Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 Oppose (No)
  • Prop 20: Voters FIRST Act for Congress Uncertain (Leaning Towards Oppose (No))
  • Prop 21: State Parks & Wildlife Conservation Trust Fund Act  Oppose (No)
  • Prop 22: Local Taxpayer, Public Safety, and Transportation Protection Act of 2010  Support (Yes)
  • Prop 23: California Jobs Initiative (Suspends AB 32 Air Pollution Control Law) Support (Yes)
  • Prop 24: Repeal Corporate Tax Loopholes Act – Oppose (No)
  • Prop 25: On-Time Budget Act of 2010 Oppose (No)
  • Prop 26: Two-thirds Vote Requirement  for State and Local Fees Support (Yes)
  • Prop 27: Financial Accountability in Redistricting Act Oppose (No)
I will be participating in various election forums and discussing the Propositions as listed below.  Feel free to contact me or the listed POC for more information.

·         16 October (Saturday): Mission Valley Christian Fellowship (6536 Estrella Avenue (Corner of Estrella & Zion Ave above Kaiser Hospital) San Diego 92120 "Election Review" from 6:00-8:30 pm. Discussion of candidates and Statewide Propositions. Contact Woody Woodrum for more information at 

·         17 October (Sunday): Grace Bible Church (655 West 11th Avenue; Escondido; 92025) "Statewide Proposition Presentation" from 7:30-8:30 pm. 

·         18 October (Monday): The Escondido Republican Club is hosting a candidate’s forum and a presentation on the Statewide Propositions at the October luncheon (Cocina del Charro Restaurant; 525 N. Quince; Escondido; 92025). For details go to:
·         18 October (Monday): Horizon Christian Fellowship is hosting a "Statewide Proposition Presentation" from 7:00-9:00 pm (5331 Mt. Alifan Drive; San Diego; 92111; in the cafeteria). 

·         19 October (Tuesday): At The Rock Church (2277 Rosecrans St. San Diego, CA 92106)(Room 235) "Statewide Proposition Presentation" from 7:00-9:00 pm.  Contact Alana Sorensen for details and specific location at

·         24 October (Sunday): Rancho Del Rey Christian Church is hosting a "Statewide Proposition Presentation" from 7:00-9:00 pm (3132 Tiger Run Ct.; Suite G-105; Carlsbad; 92010).  Contact Chris White for details at 

·         27 October (Wednesday): The Escondido Republican Women Federated luncheon meeting will include a presentatio on the Statewide Propositions (Escondido Country Club; 1800 Country Club Lane; Escondido; 92026).  Contact Traci Bass for more information at

Good News Etc. Article for October:

“Wrongful National Death”

Whether we like it or not, we’re witnessing the death of a grand experiment in applied Christianity.  From the very beginning of the colonial experience, through the maturing of the United States as a nation, we could be the final beneficiaries of a remarkable spiritual heritage.  In its infancy this legacy understood the sinfulness of man’s heart (Jer 17:9) and the destructive consequences of an unrestrained government and took measures to control both.

The national death that’s coming is a result of negligence over a long time, most significantly in the last generation.  We can attribute it to any number of causes, we can point to circumstances we had no personal control over, or we can say it’s just the natural course of events in the cruel track record of history.  I’m of the opinion, however, that our squandered opportunity for Christian stewardship of this nation is the primary source of the decay we’re facing.  Negligence is a key factor in any claim of wrongful death, and I believe we’ve been sufficiently negligent in our kingdom duties that the death of our unique nation is now within sight.

Don’t believe me?  When was the last time revival swept our land?  When do you recall sermons against ungodly politicians and legislation last thundering across our nation?  What’s happened to seasons of prayer and fasting?  Where’s widespread moral indignation against entrapment of families in government entitlement programs?  Where are the thousands of evangelical preachers exhorting us to storm the very gates of hell (Matt 16:18) and legally do everything in our power to curb abortion, take back our schools, shame the public honoring of sexual perversion and immorality, and even demand fiscal responsibility of OUR government?  Are we really apathetic, ignorant, or just not led?  The very truths of God are in our hands – why aren’t all our gifted teachers and preachers equipping us for kingdom work in all these dark battlefields? 

The explosion of economic prosperity and military dominance following the Depression and World War II may have left us too comfortable and complacent about the things of God outside our fellowships.  This includes a loss of passion to share the gospel to an increasingly hostile culture.  The extraordinary growth of government power, judicial activism, special interests, and new “rights” contrary to sound reasoning and Biblical standards has systemically infested our land and co-opted our stewardship role.  When government can ignore Constitutional restraints, take over the banking, auto and health care industries, devour the fruit of our labor, and curse our descendents with unsustainable debt, why would we think our freedom to worship, preach, evangelize and conduct our business in a Christ honoring manner will somehow be beyond its reach? 

Think about it, tea-Party leaders have replaced our spiritual leaders in fighting for principles we used to be care-givers for.  Conservative talk shows hosts are the new preachers informing and energizing people of faith to turn back the national death rattle around us.  If our nation is pulled back from the brink this November, it won’t be because of spiritual revival and action – it’ll be because common people with common sense have done what the evangelical community should have been doing all along. 

Our nation, and eventually our religious freedoms are on life support.  If large numbers of Christians wake up and make the difference in removing ungodly, ideologically driven politicians this November, it may help stem the slide to oblivion.  Unfortunately, it won’t be because of widespread faithful preaching and teaching by fire-breathing, ordained, seminary trained pastors.  It’ll be because of a grassroots understanding to do what’s right and necessary by those wanting something better for their children, and to salvage our freedoms and national resources to promote our values, love the unlovable, and freely and openly share the gospel. 

Stop complaining and get involved.  Once the dust settles we can begin to ask how to reclaim our rightful place as churches in outreach to the lost, the helpless, and to our godless government.

Good News Etc. Guest Commentary for October:

“The Ground Zero Mosque and Our Witness”

Rarely does a public issue highlight the complex spiritual warfare around us like the Mosque at Ground Zero.  Public opinion is solidly against building an Islamic Cultural Center (with a Mosque) at 51 Park Place, just two blocks from the center of Ground Zero.  However, local zoning decisions, Constitutional rights, and other legal protections (such as RLUIPA) have protected Imam Rauf’s right to pursue this project, independent of the provocation it presents to our national sensitivities.   

Common sense clearly shows a massive Islamic project this close to the site of mass murder by radical Islamists is for one reason: to provoke us as a people and a nation into a lose-lose situation.  On the one hand, allowing this project to continue acquiesces to an intentional, blatant insult to our cultural and traditional sympathies and values.  This will only serve to energize those in the Muslim world who hate us and view us as a weak, unprincipled people incapable of honor.  On the other hand, stopping this project will undoubtedly generate rhetorical hyperbola that will predictably fan fanaticism into a murderous rage.  Any pushing back and strongly questioning the wisdom, purpose, or necessity of this Mosque will be used to falsely “prove” our Islamophobia, intolerance, and hatred of Muslims to the rest of the world, independent of the fact that over 100 Mosques already exist in New York city, and thousands can be found around our country.

Islamists have become adept at using the freedoms and legal rights enjoyed in the West for their own purposes.  By demanding accommodation of religious practices in every possible public setting, and demonstrating extreme sensitivity for any perceived slight, our politically correct leadership and compliant media have raised Muslim issues to a protected category far above any other group, person or cause.  Is it any wonder that Imam Rauf feels not the slightest embarrassment at offending millions of Americans?   For him to claim he’s only trying to promote peace is laughable from one that has questionable sympathies for radical Islamists, believes we were the reason for 9-11, and gives veiled threats about consequences if his project is stopped.  If his definition of peace was the same as ours, why not spend the money on promoting anti-terrorist campaigns, or a universal memorial for those lives that were destroyed by Islamists.  However, if he is true to Muslim beliefs, peace can only come when Islam rules the entire earth and subjugates any and all that are not Muslim. 

In effect, Imam Rauf and his financial backers are attempting to “conquer” for the world of Islam a portion of ground in the heart of what represents a quintessential victory site for radical Islam, and a deep tragedy for us as a nation.   Do they have the legal right to do so?  Yes.  Is it a purposeful provocation with the intention to act as a staging area for more influence in the area?  Yes.  Is there anything we can do legally or through public opinion to affect this outcome? Realistically, probably not much.  However, we can do some things. 

Listen very carefully to our elected leaders to see how they handle this conundrum.  If they stress the legal rights of Imam Faul while ignoring the obvious provocation and insult to the American people, then they’ve failed in their role as leaders.  If they don’t do everything in their power to come up with creative alternatives, then they’re worthless as our representatives.  Why can’t we create a large national monument and strictly control what business and groups can reside there?  Why not condemn the property outright and use eminent domain to reserve it as a memorial, particularly since it was damaged during by 9-11?  Why not pressure the acceptance of Donald Trump’s offer to buy the property at a profit for the current investors?

Also, we can use this as a teachable moment to contrast the very different natures and beliefs of Islam and Christianity - basically works & subjugation verses faith & love.  Our national freedoms come from a Biblical understanding of the worth of life, property, and matters of conscience and faith.  Nowhere are our freedoms found in Muslim dominated countries, and bit by bit they’ll be compromised and replaced here if we’re not watchful and resolute.  In the on-going spiritual warfare around us, let’s not give unnecessary offense, but let’s also do what’s right.

Minute Ministry Tip #7 (October 2010)

Get-Out-The-Vote.  It seems every election is the most important one we’ve ever had.  In some respects they have become more critical over the years because of the government’s increasingly irresponsible lack of fiscal and moral restraint. Many factors are making this particular mid-term election a bellwether for correcting the destructive “changes” being imposed upon the entire nation.  Grass roots involvement has rarely been as intense as this time around.  To continue the momentum, I encourage each of us to perform our own little “Get-Out-The-Vote” campaign with our families, friends, and particularly our church contacts.  Encourage everyone you meet (that shares your values) to register if they haven’t yet, and then to commit to vote.  Don’t forget about shut-ins or the frail (family, friends, and acquaintances) that may have difficulty physically getting out to vote, or may be overlooking their absentee ballots.  Make up a phone call and e-blast list to remind people to vote, particularly over the weekend before the election, and then on Election Day for final stragglers.  Make yourself available to drive someone to the polls if necessary.  Finally, remember to be creative, gracious, and available, but without nagging.  Every vote does count, but our Christ-like behavior towards others will count even more.   

General Interest - Books Read In September:

This has been a particularly busy month, so I’m tabling much of my reading until next month.  The next two on my reading list are:

  • “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” by Dinesh D’Souza
  • “State of Emergency” by Patrick J. Buchanan

Information – Assistance Offer:

Is there a pastor or ministry leader that’s receptive to establishing a Christian Citizenship (or Salt & Light) Ministry in a legal, Christ-honoring, Biblically balanced way?  I’ll take them to lunch to discuss how to go about it.  Just let me know. 

Contact Information:

Frank Kacer
Executive Director of the Christian Citizenship Council (C3) of San Diego
C3 is a 501(c)3 organization, serving the Christian community since 2004

As always, if you wish to be taken off the distribution list, just let me know.

C3 Vision Statement

“The Christian Citizenship Council of San Diego exists to encourage and equip Churches and believers to apply biblical principles to all spheres of the culture around us, and to all of life”
(Matt 5:13-16; 16:18; 22:39; Jer 29:7)

“When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan”
(Prov 29:2)