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C3 Report: Volume 5 Issue IX - (September 2012)

A Word from Frank
It's getting close to end-game for the election. Those of us in the Christian "activist" camp are the busiest we can ever remember being before an election. I would encourage everyone to continue to pray that the Lord would allow godly leaders to be elected at all levels of government, and that each would understand they serve us before an almighty God for whom they will give account.
I haven't been conducting monthly C3 lunch meetings since the opportunity to meet with pastors and speak at a large variety of venues has taken center stage. This is a very important election for our nation and our religious freedoms, and voting is a duty we all need to take seriously - for the sake of every elective office, not just for president! If your church hasn't yet conducted a voter registration drive, I encourage you to meet with your pastor to discuss how that can be done. As the election gets closer, encourage those of like mind to register if they need to, and for sure to follow through and vote. Above all, vote Biblically!
In your labors, don't become weary in doing the right thing (Galatians 6:9), continue to be faithful in kingdom work, in being salt and light, in supporting godly candidates, in representing righteousness to our elected leaders, and in doing everything through the lens of a Biblical worldview.
Yours in Christ,
Frank Kacer 

Kacer's Call on the Statewide Propositions
The following are the bottom lines for me on the eleven statewide Propositions we'll be voting on in the General Election. For a summary of my rationale and the Biblical basis for my decisions, go to: Or you can ask and I'll send you a two-page Word file that you can print out or send to whomever you think could benefit.
  • Prop 30: Temporary Taxes to Fund Education - Oppose (NO)
  • Prop 31: Establish Two Year State Budget Cycle - Oppose (NO)
  • Prop 32: Prohibitions on Political Candidate Contributions - Support (YES)
  • Prop 33: Auto Insurance Companies Use Drivers Insurance History - Support (YES)
  • Prop 34: Repeal of Death Penalty - Oppose (NO)
  • Prop 35: Human Trafficking Penalties and Sex Offender Registration  - Support (YES)
  • Prop 36: Revisions to Three Strikes Law - Unclear Measure. Oppose (NO)
  • Prop 37: Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food- Oppose (NO)
  • Prop 38: Temporary Taxes to Fund Education & Early Childhood Programs - Oppose (NO)
  • Prop 39: Taxing of Multistate Businesses & Clean Energy Funding - Oppose (NO)
  • Prop 40: State Senate District Boundaries - Support (YES)
Selected Election Resources (For Personal Use, Not church Endorsement)

California State election sites:  
Nonpartisan websites (biographies, voting records, endorsements, issue positions):  
 Other sites with differing viewpoints and personal opinions of the provider:  
To make sure you're registered to vote:  
  • To verify you're currently registered go to San Diego County Registrar of Voters:
    • 5201 Ruffin Road #1; San Diego CA 92123; (858) 565-5800
    • Or go 
  • You need to re-register if:
    • You've moved since you last voted
    • You've changed your name
    • You decide to change your political party affiliation

  • For voter registration forms, information, guidelines and pamphlets:
  • 2012 California General Election deadlines:
    • 8-30 Oct: Voter Absentee Ballot application deadline 
    • 16 Oct: Last day for SD County to mail sample ballots 
    • 22 Oct: Voter registration deadline 
    • 6 Nov: California General/Presidential Election
To determine what election districts you live in:
To verify receipt of your absentee ballot:  
To help ensure election integrity volunteer:
For guidelines on what a church can do at election time: 
Washington Times "Biblical Politics" Column

I encourage you to go to these articles and weigh in with your thoughts. It's an outlet to a much broader community than our usual Christian environment to influence those around us with truth and reasoning.
It Really Isn't About the Economy
CALIFORNIA, September 24, 2012 - It could have been predicted years ago that the campaign of Mitt Romney (or any Republican contender) would focus on the incompetent and naive handling of our nation's economic difficulties.
In some ways this makes sense, since economics affects everyone. So, are economic factors the biggest bottom line we're facing in this election? Although taxes, jobs and debt are very important, there are at least three other issues that drive my passion to see the current administration replaced (for the rest of the article click here).  
Chick-fil-A and the Silent Voting Majority
CALIFORNIA, August 25, 2012 - The last generation has seen a continual increase - sometimes faster, sometimes slower - of a vocal, intolerant, and openly belligerent attitude towards traditional moral values. With a complicit news media, entertainment industry, and public school system, a generation has been indoctrinated into self-centeredness, hedonism, victimhood, an entitlement mentality, and an "anything goes" attitude. The result: a culture war that mirrors the spiritual battle between those aligned with Biblical truths and those who denigrate them (for the rest of the article click here).

No Scheduled C3 Lunch Meetings!
It's been virtually impossible to squeeze in the planning for C3 lunches in September and October because of all the opportunity to engage groups, churches and pastors to help equip them for the election. I'll be looking at the situation in November to determine if it would be beneficial to meet before the Christmas holiday season begins.
Upcoming Activities Worthy of Involvement

Now: Hillsdale College On-Line Course: Constitution 201
- This free on-line course follows the first Constitution course taught earlier this year. This series is entitled: "The Progressive Rejection of the Founding and the Rise of Bureaucratic Despotism." Go to: for more information and to register.
Now: Movie "Obama's America 2016 - The Real History of Obama's Roots" This is an excellent documentary to take your fence-sitting friends to. I can guarantee it will create a lot of opportunity to discuss the importance of the next election. For a listing of where it is still showing in our area go to:
Now thru October 19: The Election Integrity Project - EIPis offering training sessions throughout the county. Consider attending one and participating as a ballot processor or poll observer. View local sessions at: RSVPs are required, contact:
28 September to 6 November: 40 Days to Save America - National prayer and fasting effort prior to the November General Election. More info at
1 October: San Diego Strategic Forum - The monthly Strategic Forum will be meeting from 7:00-9:00 pm at East Clairemont Baptist Church (4633 Doliva Dr. San Diego 92117). On the agenda: The Election Integrity Project; Election Prep Part II; Legal Update from the National Center for Law & Policy; Pulpit Freedom Sunday Update; and much more.
5 October: "Thinking Biblically About the Ballot" - General Election forum at Emmanuel Faith Community Church, sponsored by the EFCC Biblical Citizenship Committee. Special guest speaker: Ron Prentice, Executive Director for California Family Council. For info: 
7 October: Pulpit Freedom Sunday - Invite your pastor to join a growing movement of pastors across America that will preach Biblical Truth relating to candidate positions and issues from their pulpits on 7 October. For more information and registration go to
20 October: Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally - San Diego County Administration Building, 1600 Pacific Highway at 10:00 am. More information can be found at:
26-28 October: San Diego Christian Film Festival - The 3rd Annual San Diego Christian Film Festival will be held in October this year. For more information go to:
27 October: "Let's Rock America - Vote 2012" - The Rock Church Salt & Light Ministry is hosting Dr. Wayne Grudem (author of Systematic Theology & Politics According to the Bible); Randy Thomasson (President of and Craig Huey (Founder of to address hard questions concerning politics and Christians. Go to for information and to register to attend (Free event).
6 November: California General Election (Last Day to Vote) - You know what to do: Vote! And encourage everyone who's like-minded (both those who vote Biblically and those sympathetic with conservative values) to vote also.
Minute Ministry Tip #4 (From July 2010)

Voter Registration.
Statistics after every election show a poor turnout among Christians. If your church hasn't conducted a voter registration drive, this is an excellent way to motivate leadership and members to become more engaged. Registration drives are non-partisan, easily done, and non-threatening. However, they do need to be done correctly (County Registrar of Voters has instructions and forms). Work with your pastoral leadership well in advance of the next election on how to best conduct these drives to prevent any difficulties. Some churches use service time to stress the importance of voting, some have put registration forms in the pews, some have well marked tables near entrances. There are many ways to gain visibility and participation - so be creative. There is also a subtle message in this: when a church encourages voter registration it implies a need to vote Biblically. Without some form of instruction or preparation, Christians can be swayed by false advertising just as much as anyone else. Hence, a need to address current moral (political) issues in some fashion within your church. If not done currently, this should become the longer-term goal.
Books Recently Read

"The Bible"
by God Himself (English Standard Version, 1042 pages)  I've completed my reading through the entire Bible once more, using September 11th as the anniversary date. This helps remind me of the uncertainties and dangers in this world, and the absolute trust I have in an Almighty God that fashioned the universe through my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. Each time through I find myself marking in the margins more verses that have application to our nation from a Biblical citizenship perspective. I encourage each of you to develop a daily routine of Bible reading and prayer, particularly as you face the uncertainties of the future.  
Standing Offer
If you have a pastor or ministry leader who's willing to discuss these types of ministries in a legal, Christ-honoring, Biblically-balanced way, I'll take them to lunch to discuss. There's no obligation, and you have nothing to loose.
Contact Information:
Frank Kacer
Executive Director of the Christian Citizenship Council (C3) of San Diego
C3 is a 501(c)3 organization, serving the Christian community since 2004
C3 Vision Statement
"The Christian Citizenship Council of San Diego exists to encourage and equip Churches and believers to apply biblical principles to all spheres of the culture around us, and to all of life"
(Matt 5:13-16; 16:18; 22:39; Jer 29:7)
"When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan" (Prov 29:2)